West Midlands 40+ Walkers Group

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About WM40+

How do I get to the start?

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If you have a car just drive to the start of the walk. Now and again some of our walk start points are accessible by public transport in which case we encourage members to use it where possible. We also encourage members to car share if you know someone you can do this with.


What is a grid reference?

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Ordnance Survey grid references are sometimes provided for walk location start points. These can be used to locate the start point on an OS map. Usually we use post codes.


Who are WM40+ members?

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WM40+ is a group formed as a sub-group of the 20s and 30s (West Midlands Walking Group). Many of our members have grown out of the younger group, which is still linked closely with WM40+. We expect people to have a gradual transition to the older group with time, athough every Ramblers member is free to join any group on a walk.

Our members come from the West Midlands and over the borders into neighbouring counties. We pride ourselves on being a friendly group, and we cater for casual and serious walkers alike. All events are organised as a result of members volunteering, so our programme reflects what our members enjoy doing.


How else can I find out about WM40+?

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You can also find us on the Meet Up website.


About Weekends Away

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Guidance for Organising Weekends Away and Holidays

Weekends away and holidays should be agreed in advance with the WM40+ co-ordinators. Prices to members should be set to achieve as close to breakeven as possible. Where hostel places have to be paid for in advance, prices should have a built-in contingency, in case the weekend does not fill and unfilled places have to be paid for.

Please agree prices to be charged with WMWG (West Midlands Walking Group) Treasurer before the weekend or holiday is advertised in the programme/on the website and before places are booked. A deposit may be requested from members in some cases, with the balance due later, although this is normally only appropriate where the cost of the weekend is particularly high and the recommended minimum deposit is £50. Part payments can be agreed with members on an individual basis, in cases where the member's particular circumstances require it - it is anticipated that a part payment would be taken of at least 50% of the cost of the weekend, although this is at the discretion of the organiser.

Cheques from members for weekends away or holidays should be made out to West Midlands Walking Group and sent to the WM40+ finance administrator, Deb Matthews. Alternatively, payment can be made by bank transfer to the group's account - please contact WM40+ finance administrator details.

Large surpluses should be avoided where possible. A small surplus (e.g. less than £50) is generally acceptable but if it looks like a large surplus will be made then steps should be taken to spend the surplus among the attendees – e.g. paying for breakfasts/lunches/drinks or subsidising an activity.

Priority should be given to WM40+ group members. Places should be offered first to group members but where it is likely that places will remain unfilled, members of other Rambler groups can be invited at the discretion of the organiser.

Organisers are expected to treat all attendees fairly and in accordance with the Ramblers Code of Conduct –


It is acknowledged that, from time to time, it may be necessary in the interests of the group as a whole to restrict particular activities – either by reference to total numbers or ability to deal with the expected conditions. This is ultimately a matter for the organiser's or walk leader’s discretion. However, it is anticipated that these occasions will be relatively infrequent and should be reasonably justifiable on the grounds of ensuring the safety of the group. They may, for example, include walks which are particularly challenging or across difficult terrain, especially in the event of adverse weather conditions.

Guidance for members attending weekends or holidays

Bookings for weekends or holidays should be made via the WM40+ coordinators at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ">. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

When booking onto a weekend each member must provide their Ramblers Association membership number and mobile telephone number.

Unless otherwise stated, the full balance will need to be paid in order to secure your place – either by cheque made out to West Midlands Walking Group and sent to the WM40+ finance administrator, Deb Matthews or by bank transfer to the group's account. Request for payment will be sent to you in due course by the weekend organiser. Your place will be secured once we have received payment. Please do not send payment without contacting us first to check that places are available.

If you would like to attend a weekend or holiday please inform us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The weekend/holiday has been arranged by the organiser in accordance with the WMWG guidelines. Group members must respect the boundaries and limitations of such events.

Holiday weeks

In the case of a full week away it is anticipated that attendees will contribute and assist the organiser by organising an activity to ensure a fun and entertaining schedule and take responsibility for that activity.

All attendees are expected to cooperate with requests made by the weekend/holiday organiser. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that they are fit and able to participate in the event.

Refund policy

If a member cancels, any initial deposit paid is non-returnable. Refunds of balance payments for cancellations should only normally be given if the Group is able to recover the cost of the lost place either from the accommodation provider or by selling the place on to another member. All refunds should be agreed with the WMWG committee and are at the committee's discretion.

Where the full amount has been paid by the member and a refund has been given in accordance with the above, an admin fee of up to 10% of the weekend cost plus any deposit paid may be retained by the group.


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